At Mad Dog, we started out with a singular vision - to create the Strongest, Toughest, Watch on the Planet.

To achieve this we founded a small Boutique company, and pioneered the use of the most advanced, state of the art materials available to create a timepiece that was quite literally Bulletproof! Not just Bulletproof, one that is made using Cutting Edge Technology to produce materials that are capable of defeating the mighty .50 caliber - one of the most devastating rounds on the Planet! This was not a simple task. Did such materials even exist? If so could they be utilized in the construction of a watch?

So the quest began! Numerous materials were tested and rejected. Thousands of hours were spent researching materials, designing and re-designing the watch, and persuading component suppliers to make such a small production run – nobody wants to make just 50 pieces….

After 5 years of Research and Development we can finally unveil the result!

Designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the USA*, we present the Ricochet - a fusion between traditional watch making skills and the latest Cutting-Edge Carbon Nano technology!

State of the Art Materials alone do not make a great watch. It also needs to tell the time reliably, accurately and legibly under even the most adverse conditions.

Adhering to the design principle of form following function, this innovative yet classically sophisticated watch, will serve you equally well on the Battlefield or in the Boardroom!

We understand that many of our customers are collectors who appreciate the exclusivity our extremely limited editions offer. When you purchase a Mad Dog Ricochet you will be automatically enrolled in our VIP Collectors Program. Members of our VIP Collectors Program will receive advance notice of future releases and have the option to purchase the same limited edition number as their Mad Dog Ricochet.

* With the exception of the Swiss ETA automatic movement