• BULLET RESISTANT WATCH CASE, BEZEL, CASE BACK AND CROWN - The entire Case, Bezel, Case Back and Crown are Bullet Resistant, made from our proprietary Liquid Armor - a Kryronized stainless steel. Kryronized stainless steel is created using Carbon Nano Technology. The resulting state of the art material exhibits not only anti ballistic qualities, but enhanced hardness and resistance to corrosion.... Discover more about Kryronization and Carbon Nano Technology.

  • 6 AXIS CNC MACHINED WATCH CASE, CASE BACK, BEZEL AND CROWN - Each component was precision machined from a solid block of Kryronized stainless steel by a government contractor who normally only makes aerospace parts for Lockheed and Boeing. This was the only way to get the absolute precision we required. For example, the small decorative screws on the back are an integral part of the case back, the screws and case back having been CNC machined as one from a solid block of Kryronized steel, rather than the screws being separate pieces added later. Also the skull logo and lettering on the back are not engraved into the metal, rather the metal has been precisely machined away around the skull and lettering to leave them raised! This is just one example of the meticulous attention to detail and absolute precision that has gone into the design and manufacture of this watch.

  • CERAMIC ARMORED CRYSTAL - The dial is protected by a Crystal made from Armor Grade Spinel Optical Ceramic, a revolutionary high performance and transparent polycrystalline material. It is the first and only 8mm Bullet resistant Ceramic Armored Watch Crystal in the world! Each individual crystal takes 2 months to grow and polish in a laboratory.  Discover more about Spinel Ceramic Crystals.

  • 160 CLICK UNI-DIRECTIONAL BEZEL WITH CERAMIC INSERTS - The bespoke 160-click, Uni-Directional bezel features a scalloped edge designed for ease of use with gloves, and a matt finish Ceramic insert numbered from 0 to 60. Ceramic offers superior scratch and wear resistance compared to other insert materials.

  • CARBON FIBER DIAL - The dial is made from Carbon Fiber and features large Super Luminova numerals and hands. These are highly visible for up to 8 hours in the dark, making it very easy to read in all lighting conditions.

  • SWISS ETA SA AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT - For absolute reliability, at its heart beats an accurate and extremely dependable Swiss ETA SA Automatic Movement.

  • KRYRONIZED STAINLESS STEEL CROWN PROTECTORS - These are designed to protect the crown from damage, but have no sharp edges or unnecessary protrusions. The entire watch is carefully designed to have all edges radiused so they won't snag on clothing or get hung up on equipment.

  • TRUE DIVING WATCH - It is a true diving watch, water resistant to 300m, and with a 160-click uni-directional scalloped edged bezel that is designed for ease of use while wearing dive gloves. The knurled screw down crown is also easy to use even with a gloved hand.


  • LIMITED EDITION OF JUST 50 PIECES WORLDWIDE - When we say 50 pieces, we mean 50 pieces! This will not be a yearly edition of 50 pieces, nor will there be additional editions with slight variations of the design or color. There will be ONLY 50 pieces of this watch ever made!

  • INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED - Each case back is individually numbered from 01/50 to 50/50. It also features the Mad Dog Screaming Skull logo and text which is raised from the case back, not engraved into it. The metal was precisely CNC machined away to leave the raised skull and text!

  • DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED AND ASSEMBLED ENTIRELY IN THE USA - With the exception of the Swiss ETA automatic movement

  • 3 BESPOKE WATCH BANDS INCLUDED: - Designed for different applications these watch bands are held in place by bespoke custom CNC machined threaded screws. Unlike the conventional spring bar design used to secure most watch bands they will not spring out at an inopportune moment.

    The primary band is made from Distressed Black Italian Leather with a Ballistic Kevlar Insert These were hand made by the master leathercrafters at Sandast in Los Angeles from the finest Italian leather imported from Tuscany. This is a bund style and can be worn either with the bund or as a regular band. The band is constructed as a 3-layer sandwich, with the Ballistic Kevlar in the middle of 2 layers of Italian leather. The Kevlar insert provides superior strength and cut resistance.

    The second is a Tactical Nomex/Kevlar Blend with Velcro fastening. These were custom made by S.O.Tech (Special Operations Technology) a Veteran owned company based in LA. The Kevlar provides superior strength and cut resistance, and the Nomex provides protection from heat and flames. Nomex is the same material used in clothing worn by Fire Fighters, Pilots and Racing Car Drivers for fire protection. These are manufactured in the USA by the same company that produces proprietary tactical equipment for US Navy Seals, FBI, Sheriff’s Department, US Marshals, and Police Forces nationwide.

    The final band is crafted from high quality Non Allergenic Italian Silicone and is designed for diving use. Whilst made to fit over a diving suit, this super comfortable strap is equally well suited to everyday use.
  • Italian Leather
    Silicone Dive Band
    Nomex/Kevlar Blend
  • CUSTOM PELICAN CARRYING CASE - Your watch will ship in a custom fitted Pelican carrying case. The case is chemical and corrosion resistant, airtight, watertight, dustproof and crush proof.

    It comes complete with a custom metal nameplate with the same edition number as your watch.

  • VIP COLLECTORS CLUB - We understand that many of our customers are collectors who appreciate the exclusivity our extremely limited editions offer. When you purchase a Mad Dog Ricochet you will be automatically enrolled in our VIP Collectors Program. Members of our VIP Collectors Program will receive advance notice of future releases and have the option to purchase the same limited edition number as their Mad Dog Ricochet.