Kryron is a patented material created using Carbon Nanotubes, which can be combined with common metals to create ultra-high performing super-alloys with significantly different characteristics than the base metals.

The Kryronization process creates Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites (CNT-MMC) using standard alloys and base metals. 

Kryronization solved the problems of providing a reliable process for the uniform dispersion of carbon nanotubes in metal.

The resulting CNT-MMC materials have enhanced qualities in terms of heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, hardness and resistance to corrosion.

Carbon Nano (CN) are one-dimensional Nanostructures that, because of their unique electrical versatility, are capable of providing remarkable electrical and mechanical properties. The properties demonstrated between CN and substrate is virtually unique in the world of metals, affording an entirely new paradigm of opportunities for its use in ballistic armor, electric distribution and transmission, mechanical components and other industries. 

Enhanced Qualities to Common Metals & Alloys

  • Increased electrical conductivity
  • Heat dissipation
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Mechanical strength
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Hardness

Kryron and Other Metals & Alloys

When Kryron is added to a substrate an entirely new allotrope is formed which permanently changes the physical characteristics of the original material.

Kryronizing a material will not only enhance thermal and conductive properties of the original substrate but also change the physical characteristics of the new material making it stronger, lighter, and corrosion resistant. Kryron has the ability to change the structure of the substrate so that the lattice or matrix will create a stronger bond of the new material or allotrope that dissipates heat and carries electrical current better than the original material.

This material is restricted for export in its natural form.


The Mad Dog Ricochet features the first and only 8mm Bullet Resistant Ceramic Armored Watch Crystal in the world! Each individual crystal takes 2 months to grow and polish in a laboratory.

The Crystal is made from Armor Grade Spinel Optical Ceramic, a revolutionary high performance, and transparent polycrystalline material. This is an exceptionally strong optical ceramic ideal for high-performance, precision optical components.

Optical Grade Spinel is a high strength, abrasion resistant material, with the optical clarity of glass, a broad spectral transmission range, and the strength, hardness, and durability of a ceramic.

It is optically transparent from near ultra-ultraviolet to mid-wave infrared frequencies, and superior to Sapphire crystal in this respect.

Spinel affords significant enhancements and performance improvements in exceptionally demanding applications such as Transparent Armor and laser-based and imaging-based optical systems, significantly reducing weight and thickness with improved performance. 

It is a very expensive material to produce and is currently used in the IR radar domes of guided missiles and windows of military vehicles. There is only one company in the USA currently capable of producing it.